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Puck Toyshop
Wooden toys, dolls houses for children adult collectors. Toys made from natural products, well finished, quality products which develop the imagination and last a lifetime. ... full details
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Hobby Map
Hobby Map is one of the oldest model shops in Madrid, with more than 300 m2 of space and 35 of experience dedicated to the world of miniatures. On their website you can see a small selection of their products. There is plenty more in the store. ... full details
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La Tienda de las Cometas
Specialised Kite Shop - Huge range of kites, accessories, repairs. La Tienda de las Cometas offers a wide range of kites. You can find static kites (one thread), acrobatic kites (kites controlled with several threads) and power kites (these require strong control of the kites). You can see the whole range on their website or even buy your kite online. ... full details
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A-Z Toy Shops Listings

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El Sanatorio de Muñecos
This is basically a dolls shop and dolls repair shop/hospital. Founded in 1916 it's located in calle Preciados in the heart of Madrid. From its beginnings it's specialised in the sale and repair of dolls.
Tel icon Tel: 91 521 0447
Address icon Location: Madrid - Calle Preciados
Es Malper
Dolls Houses
A workshop which builds made to order dolls houses and also offers courses on how to build your own doll house. In the shop you will find all the material you need to build your very own doll house.
Tel icon Tel: 91 445 9058
Address icon Location: Madrid
Generacion X
Comics and Games
In this shop you will all the latest games you can come across and in the comic seccion you will find national and American comics. The action figures section is large and includes old and new Star Wars figures, Lord of the Rings, McFarlane Toys, DC Heroes ...
Tel icon Tel: 91 447 0746
Address icon Location: Madrid
Libreria Multicolor
Books and Toys
Our activity is focused on two major service areas: - The library with a full stock of books in all subjects, especially textbooks. Multicolor has all textbooks throughout the year. - Toys and gifts. Multicolor is specialized in the traditional wooden toy. You can choose from a wide range of accessories.
Tel icon Tel: 91 521 2611
Address icon Location: Madrid
Model Store
Products include aircraft , AFV and navy models, diorams, action figures, books, magazines, tools and finishing products.
Tel icon Tel: 91 719 3743
Address icon Location: Madrid
Pepa Luna
Toys and Workshops
Pepa Luna is a shop that offers not only fabulous toys from all over the word but also the newest and most innovative of toys all of which adhere to the strictest of safety and quality standards. In this shop you will also find fancy dress clothes and books. Besides the toys, the shop also holds regular workshops, some of which are in English, but above they are all good fun, educational and varied.
Tel icon Tel: 91 457 39 71
Address icon Location: Madrid - Colombia
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